Dragland is the singer/songwriter project of long time New York and San Francisco guitarist Adam Dragland (Gold Minor, Seven Stories Falling, Kat Robichaud, First Church of the Sacred Silversexual, Team Candy).  The group of songs the SF band performs has been many years in the making, but was ignited through new music written during the most recent eventful years in Dragland's life.  In this band, he steps away from his traditional role as a lead guitarist and explores the roots of his musical upbringing.  Joined as always by longtime songwriting partner and Gold Minor vocalist Michael Carney on bass, Dragland vents decades of pent up emotional energy through both his trusty old telecaster and raspy, weathered vocal chords. There are strong rock, folk and country elements in the mix, but the end result is refreshing accessible pop music that invites your body to dance. The immense talents of veteran drummer John Hollis give this band the wings to create music that is immersed with genuine soul and sexy rock-n-roll..  The first single will be released late in 2016, and 2017 will see the release of Dragland's first full length record.


Vocals, Guitar / Adam Dragland
Bass, Vocals / Michael Carney
Drums / John Hollis



The Band Called Dragland

by Dragland